Subways All or Nothing

The Subways open this record with a song that includes a riff that sounds a little too much like Velvet Revolver for my liking. Even having female vocalist Charlotte Cooper join in with Billy Lunn can’t salvage that. Some of the songs on All or Nothing start off sounding like they’ve got great potential and then they somehow revert back to that ’90s garage rock guitar solo followed by a Scott Weiland-like grunt. "Kalifornia” — note the bad ass spelling — is a prime example of this unfortunate mishap. "Move to Newlyn,” on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It’s an acoustic guitar, folk-type track that references family members and cities in their UK homeland, making the Subways a bit erratic in their song choices. All or Nothing has its good moments but nothing feels like it fits together on one record. Too bad they aren’t as efficient as real public transit. Oh wait, maybe they are. (Infectious/Sire)