Subliminal Girls Sell New EP For $2,400

Subliminal Girls Sell New EP For $2,400
If you by chance have a couple grand burning a hole in your pocket, you may want to consider picking up Subliminal Girls’ new release, Self-Obsession Is an Art Form, which can be yours for the price of £1,200, or $2,400 Canadian.

This new limited-edition vinyl EP comes with this exorbitant price tag courtesy of UK pop artist Stuart Semple, who designed the release and is putting it out to "fight iPod culture in which album covers are reduced to thumb-nails," according to his statement.

But don’t worry, along with supporting more traditional album formats, you’ll get more than just some vinyl for your $2,400. The three-track Self-Obsession Is an Art Form, which is due out November 17 and limited to a run of ten, also comes with a custom screen-printed and hand-finished box, and is accompanied by a special fold-out print, a photo book, hand silk-screened T-shirt and one-off signed negatives of the band, all of which are done by Semple. Oh, and he has put his John Hancock on all ten.

To get a better look at just what Subliminal Girls and Semple are selling here, or to actually order one, you can visit Opus Gallery’s website.

This all makes that $300 Nine Inch Nails’ box set seem like quite the steal.

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