Subarachnoid Space These Things Take Time

A jam band from San Francisco. A description such as that would generally send me Phish-tailing toward the CD player in order to stop the happy-happy vibes from wrecking my day. But San Francisco's Subarachnoid Space is not that kind of jam band. In their five-plus year history, they have released five instrumental psychedelic full-lengths (including this one) that have steadily increased in dexterity of play and ease of listenability. Led by the twin delay/reverb/sustain laden guitars of Mason Jones and Melynda Jackson, the band are careful not to overcook their lysergic stew, letting the tones and textures slowly simmer and bubble and only occasionally burst into full boil. What is most endearing about this album is, true to jam band form, that it was recorded live - in this case, on air at KFJC-FM - in one seamless 45 minute session, indexed out in seven parts for quick tastes. Despite the live context, the mix is ably filled with flourishes of sound effects and theremin to accompany the four instruments (two guitars, bass, drums, plus a little organ tossed in). Perfect accompaniment for extended staring into space, effusive head nodding or even to enhance menial household tasks like doing the dishes or smoking dope. All without the aggravation of dancing teddy bears or skeletons defacing your décor. (Relapse)