Sub Pop Boss Jonathan Poneman Diagnosed with Parkinson's

Sub Pop Boss Jonathan Poneman Diagnosed with Parkinson's
Jonathan Poneman co-founded Sub Pop Records with Bruce Pavitt back in the '80s, and following Pavitt's departure a decade or so later, Poneman has continued to run the company. Sadly, the successful label boss has now been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

The Seattle Times reports [via Billboard] that Poneman, 53, was suffering from low energy and had begun experiencing motor difficulties on the right side of his body. He decided to address these problems in 2010 and, following some tests, was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

He apparently isn't despairing at the news, describing the diagnosis as "a sigh of relief." He said, "My love of life and its precious elements became more vivid at the thought of seeing them fade away. When you're confronted with the concrete, finite aspects of life... As ironic as it sounds, I am truly grateful to the disease."

He now has a stationary bike at his desk at Sub Pop, which allows him to keep his legs moving, since exercise has been shown to slow the symptoms. His label's upcoming Silver Jubilee festival in Seattle's Georgetown neighbourhood on July 13 will have a booth collecting donations for the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation.

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative condition that affects the central nervous system and causes shaking, slowness and difficulty with movement. Dementia and depression may occur in later stages of the illness. It is not considered fatal.