Squelchy, glitchy and jazzy are happy bedfellows on Sub-ID’s debut, BFF. The theatrical IDM born of the collaboration between Brad Bowden and bassist Alana Rocklin results in a well-paced but freeform future jazz and trip-hop fusion. Sonic dissonance and frenetic syncopation is the order of the day, and the chopped-up loops and shifting beats collide in an improvisational style. While things never coalesce into a settled groove, Sub-ID make the most of their lush soundscapes, layering them nicely over the crunchy kick drum and hand claps in "The Raven And The Ruby,” the frantic and scattered drum & bass in ”Marge” and the soul-infused hip-hop of "Punchbowl.” The returning trumpet solos, most artfully showcased on "LG’s,” are a nice touch, rounding out BFF’s well-paced noisiness. (Massive)