Sub-Division The Primos EP

Just because that stylish fad we all call disco-punk has somewhat faded in light of the billion pointed haircut bands that arose in its wake, it doesn’t mean there won’t always be great new bands emerging with this tried and true sound. Sub-Division’s debut EP captures a raw new talent, straight from the streets of Mexico City, who inject their brief and direct dirge-like dance floor punches with a social nihilism that rejects the disposable North American pop culture so many Rapture-ous wannabes shamelessly flaunt. Choppy, slicing guitar (courtesy of founder Amed Balthazar), riot-inciting drum beats, disorienting washes of trashy strobe-light ecstasy-soaked production, and sister Amira Balthazar’s intimidating yet somehow cute vocal peeps forge out a combination that is as fresh as revolutionary ideas will always be. Though there are only three originals on this EP, they are all trail-blazing teasers from a band who are definitely on the rise and worth looking out for. The remixes are all hot steppers, too, custom built for the dance floor and far from lacking. (Hard Soul)