Styrohead Life After Time

This album is deep space ambient designed to take you on a journey through the cosmos with the engines on permanent warp speed. The recording opens up with "Space Gods," a tense, dark piece with the sparsest of beats, where one can envision an impressive spacecraft right out of a Kelly Freas painting preparing for takeoff. In "Limbotech," the spacecraft has launched and penetrated the atmosphere, catapulting the explorers into deep space with stars and planets flashing by. "Black Hole" is powerful and Teutonic, rumbling your speakers dangerously close to the blow out point and will quake your entire home if your stereo is powerful enough. "Point of Singularity" conveys the angst of being irretrievably lost in deep space by its powerful synth sweeps and darkened drones. "Limbotech pt.2" is a reprise where the permanently catapulting craft assimilates itself into the galaxy, becoming one of the innumerable orbiting comets. If you want powerful throbbing space ambient, à la Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook, look no further than this CD. (Nebula)