Styrenes It's Still Artastic

The Styrenes feature a full constellation of Cleveland rock luminaries, including Paul Marotta and John Morton (the Electric Eels), Jim Jones (Pere Ubu), Mike Hudson (Pagans) and Anton Fier (Golden Palominos), among a host of others. It’s Still Artastic compiles a range of the band’s songs from 1975 until 1998, including ten formerly unreleased tunes, supplying a gripping illustration of the band’s proficiently unbalanced psychedelic rock. Album opener "Drano In Your Veins” merges appeasing pop melodies, falsetto vocals and visceral, violent lyrics, creating a rousing juxtaposition and reflecting the character of the band’s imaginative early material. It’s Still Artastic additionally presents the group’s later charged-up rock’n’roll material, illustrating how the Styrenes capably traverse varied musical terrain, reaching from inventive pop and Syd Barrett-inspired psychedelia to staggering underground Cleveland rock. (ROIR)