Student Shoots Himself After Demanding Teacher to Praise Marilyn Manson

Student Shoots Himself After Demanding Teacher to Praise Marilyn Manson
Some incredibly unnerving news surfaced today that will surely put rock singer/media magnet Marilyn Manson back into the hot seat, despite having nothing do with a recent small town incident.

According to a report by the Daily Comet newspaper, a 15-year-old student at Larose-Cut Off Middle School in the Lafourche Parish of Louisiana shot himself in the head yesterday morning (May 18) after the youth allegedly ordered a teacher to praise Marilyn Manson. When the teacher refused to do so, the teen fired a shot that narrowly missed her, and then turned the gun on himself.

"Students said the [eighth-grader] walked into a seventh-grade language arts class being taught by Jessica Plaisance shortly before 9 a.m., screaming obscenities and demanding that everyone get down," the Daily Coment writes. "When the students remained seated, they said, [the teen] ordered Plaisance to say, 'Hail Marilyn Manson,' and she refused. The gun did not go off the first time he attempted to shoot, according to students and the officials who interviewed them. The second time he pulled the trigger, a bullet went over Plaisance's head, leaving a hole in the wall and dust sprinkled across the classroom...

"[The teen] exited the classroom and walked to a nearby bathroom. Moments later, students reported hearing a single gunshot. [He] was found bleeding on the floor with a head wound."

The Grade 8 student is still alive but listed in critical condition.

According to Sheriff Craig Webre, the boy left behind a suicide note that outlined a plan to kill others and then himself. Despite the note, no one besides the teen was injured during the incident. The youth was carrying a .25-calibre semi-automatic handgun belonging to his father.

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