Stryder Masquerade in the Key of Crime

Long Island's the Stryder is proof positive of the expression "that which does not kill us makes stronger." Having overcome the adversity of losing members from a dozen aborted projects over the past six years, including the recent defection of a bass player to Saves the Day, the Stryder's core members/songwriters Peter Toh and Scottie Redix finally make things right. The band's debut full-length release is probably the most potent slab of youth angst captured in song to come along this year. This is time-tested and true Naked Raygun-inspired melodic, mid-tempo punk that is as energetic as it is wrenching. From the opening blasts "Sucker" and "Intoxicated" to the punk rock ballads "Sexy Black Train" and "King of Coronas," the band and renowned hardcore producer Brian McTernan deliver a lively sonic and emotional wallop. Fans of Saves the Day will especially appreciate this. (Equal Vision)