The Strokes Talk New Album, Give LP Tentative Title of Angles

The Strokes Talk New Album, Give LP Tentative Title of <i>Angles</i>
We've been waiting for the Strokes to release their fourth album for what has felt like an eternity, but with a new year, we've been treated to good news, as the band have set a March 22 release date for the new album. Now, they've revealed that it has the tentative title of Angles.

 "It's what the record sounds like," guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. explained to Rolling Stone about the title's origin. "It comes from five different people."

Guitarist Nick Valensi agreed, saying, "This is the first one where we are truly working democratically. It's taken a long time because this is a new model for us."

Rolling Stone goes on to describe the new record as "the best album the Strokes have made since Is This It because of the stylistic depth and progressive excitement in those crisscross guitars, the tightly wound rhythms and Casablancas' dry trademark croon," pointing to the band's "feral-garage dynamics" and further exploration into the realms of electronics and a newfound hip-hop influence.

Perhaps the best news, however, is that Angles won't be the only Strokes album to stem from this recent bout of activity. When asked about touring, Hammond Jr. said, "We want to come back strong but slowly, so we can grow live and also make new music. We want to release albums quicker."

Valenci echoed those sentiments, saying, "I don't want to make an album every five years... I love being in this band, and I want it to be a career thing. It's so worth it -- for all of us."

The first single from the Strokes' Angles is expected to drop in February. Rolling Stone suggests that it will likely be a song called "Undercover of Darkness."