The Strokes Reveal Plans to Return to the Studio

The Strokes Reveal Plans to Return to the Studio
Garage-rock revivalists the Strokes haven't released an album together since 2013's lacklustre Comedown Machine, but the band revealed over the weekend that they have plans to give it another go in the studio.
Playing under the terrifying super moon at the inaugural Landmark Music Festival in Washington, DC last night (September 27), frontman Julian Casablancas made the announcement towards the end of the set.
"We'll be back soon, and we'll be back in the studio and shit," he told the crowd. He followed up with a, "Yeah, fuck yeah, man!" before the group launched into Is This It classic "Take It or Leave It" to end the show.
In addition to crowd responses via Twitter, guitarist Nick Valensi's wife confirmed the news from the festival with a tweet of her own.
Since their last album as the Strokes, the band members have been keeping busy with a variety of side projects. Valensi appeared on Kate Pierson's (of the B-52's) latest album, Albert Hammond Jr. just released his latest solo record Momentary Masters, bassist Nikolai Fraiture paired up with some musical pals for a new group named Summer Moon, and drummer Fabrizio Moretti recently reworked a Spoon tune.

Casablancas, meanwhile, cancelled a string of shows with the Voidz due to technical difficulties with the show, but has promised to "regroup and re-approach this in the way it was intended, and soon."
While we await further details of the Strokes' upcoming studio work, relive their set from Landmark Music Festival in the player below.