The Strokes Reveal Angles' Cover

The Strokes Reveal <i>Angles</i>' Cover
With the Strokes already setting a firm release date for their much-anticipated Angles LP, it was only a matter of time before the record got a cover. Well, today (February 11), that's exactly what we got -- for better or worse.

Looking like some acidhead's personal Q*bert nightmare, Angles' cover is definitely, well, angular and colourful. In fact, we haven't seen this much neon-drenched '80s worship on a record sleeve since MGMT's Congratulations.

To be honest, we think we prefer the earlier drafts of the cover, joke or not. But maybe that's just us.

Well, at least that first single didn't let us down. And we can look forward to Angles on March 22, when it will be released via RCA.