The Strokes Returning with New Single

The Strokes Returning with New Single
Since 2011's Angles, garage rocking New Yorkers the Strokes have sparked plenty of will-they, won't-they chatter in regards to a possible new album. Now, it looks as if a new record may be on the horizon after all, since the group reportedly have a single on the way.

This news comes from Seattle's 107.7 The End, which wrote that it had received the band's new single, "All the Time," from RCA Records. The station promised to "leak" the track soon and noted, "You won't be disappointed."

While nothing is confirmed, it's possible that "All the Time" will appear on the band's long-rumoured fifth album. Back in 2011, some of the band members said that they had plans to work on a new disc, although this was later contradicted in 2012.

It might be wise to keep your eyes and ears peeled in light of these latest rumours.

UPDATE: The End has now shed a bit more light on things, writing, "While RCA is keeping most of the details of the forthcoming new full length album (yes, you read that correctly) under wraps, we can tell you that of the two songs we heard, one was a more synth driven track, with the other (the aforementioned, 'All The Time') packing a classic strokes sound. No mention of a tour came up, but we can tell you, you'll be hearing new music from the band sooner than later."

UPDATE 2: Billboard has also now confirmed the single is indeed coming, as well as that much-teased album.