The Strokes "Taken for a Fool" (ft. Elvis Costello) (video)

The Strokes 'Taken for a Fool' (ft. Elvis Costello) (video)
Let's face it: we were all a little disappointed by the Strokes' latest album, hit-or-miss hodgepodge Angles. Still, the album has a few winners, including the snappy "Taken for a Fool."

During their Friday night (April 1) gig at NYC's Madison Square Garden, the band performed a version of the track with a guest spot from none other than Elvis Costello. You can see the video below, courtesy of Rolling Stone. Costello shows up just before the first chorus, strapping on a guitar and trading off lead vocals.

The result? "Taken for a Fool" ends up sounding more like a Costello track than a Strokes original.