The Strokes Making of Angles: EP 2 (video)

The Strokes <i>Making of Angles: EP 2</i> (video)
Another week, another studio clip from the Strokes' Angles recording session. This one seems a little goofier than the first entry, starting off with drummer Fab Moretti sneaking up on Albert Hammond Jr. to belt out the Divinyls' "I Touch Myself."

Later, the pair get into a light-hearted brawl over a game of ping pong. Six-stringer Nick Valensi has a faux-on-camera meltdown, admitting that the sessions have "been a disaster from the get-go." But don't worry, kids, he's just playin'.

Music-wise, we do get a bit of a funky back and forth between Moretti and bassist Nikolai Fraiture, and the latter also plays a bit of a new tune called "Taken for a Fool." It's not much, but up until the band releases the album March 22, we'll have to make do.