The Strokes Making of Angles: EP1 (video)

The Strokes <i>Making of Angles: EP1</i> (video)
Hype for the Strokes' fourth full-length, Angles, is building to a fever pitch. With the album's release just a month away, the press push is starting to hit full force. A couple of weeks ago, we were treated to first single "Under Cover of Darkness," as well as the record's strange, Q*bert-style artwork. To further stoke the flames of anticipation, the band have posted a video full of studio shenanigans.

The quintet goof around for some of it, with drummer Fab Moretti spinning around wildly in his chair, while Albert Hammond Jr. Blows smoke rings. But there's some teased music in there as well. We catch Julian Casablancas cool crooning one new tune with his headphones on, while another moment finds the troupe discussing whether or not to toss a "psychedelic organ" onto a track.

Unless they leak another new song or upload another behind-the-scenes segment -- this is, after all titled EP1 -- we will have to wait until March 22 to hear the results. Check out the vid below.