The Strokes "Call Me Back" (video)

The Strokes 'Call Me Back' (video)
Now that the Strokes have released their fourth album, Angles, all of the wonderful anticipation has faded and we're left with, at best, a mediocre record. At least now our hopes aren't so high and we can take the new material for what it is. With that in mind, guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. has just released an experimental video he shot for album track "Call Me Back."

In our review of the album, we said, "'Call Me Back' is so subtle it starts and ends without notice." The video for the track isn't much better, spending its first 90 seconds focusing on some water drops before revealing a girl drenched in water. No frills, no gimmicks, no shots of Julian Casablancas being cool.

Still, the video for "Call Me Back" is available for you to make your own judgment below.