Dan Werb 'Stress Position' (album stream)

Dan Werb 'Stress Position' (album stream)
Following his work with Woodhands and Ark Analog, Toronto-based musician Dan Werb has branched out into the scoring world to create the soundtrack for the new Canadian film Stress Position.

Working closely with director A.J. Bond, Werb explored how sound can be utilized in the world of torture (specifically with Guantanamo Bay's use of heavy metal). The two eventually worked towards what a press release describes as a "torture dance track," to be used in a scene where a character is forced to dance for hours on end.

Prior to the film's shooting, Werb had already created a wealth of tracks. These were also used on set while torture scenes were shot. The final soundtrack also features songs from the film's editor (and former member of cult Vancouver rock act the Bloggers) Adam Locke-Norton.

The score for Stress Position was recently nominated for a Leo Award. And while theres no word yet of a physical release, you can check out the soundtrack in full below.

Stress Position will screen at Vancouver's Vancity Theatre on June 6 before heading off to Victoria, Ottawa and Winnipeg. You can read Exclaim!'s recent review of the film here.