Strength of Materials "Occam's Depilatory" / "Keep This Stub for Your Files!"

Strength of Materials 'Occam's Depilatory' / 'Keep This Stub for Your Files!'
Vancouver-based songwriter Ford Pier has been kicking around the music scene for years, and now the onetime D.O.A. member has a new band called Strength of Materials. They just released a 7-inch through Kingfisher Bluez, and it's available to stream now.

This project features Pier singing atop string quartet backing. Barbed A-side "Occam's Depilatory" finds Pier lashing out at the modern world, complaining about Facebook and pointing out that newness doesn't always indicate quality. There's even a jab at Vampire Weekend, as he sings, "Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I do."

B-side "Keep This Stub for Your Files!" unfurls a little more slowly, but the dissonant strings and brash-bordering-on-manic vocal delivery means that there's nothing polite about Pier's take on classical-tinged music. It eventually climaxes with unsettling shrieks and yells.

The single is limited to 300 copies. Take a listen below.