The Streets The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living

Being an autobiographical tale of the ups and downs that have followed Mike Skinner since the release of his critically and financially successful second album, 2004’s A Grand Don't Come for Free, it comes down to whether or not you’re interested in hearing about a rapper who’s spent lots of money, slept with a lot of women and got fucked up a lot. Oh, and it’s in a British accent, so it’s different. Skinner is first and foremost a lyrically dexterous storyteller — just listen to "Never Went To Church” and try not to hear Marshall Mathers in a sappy-song-for-Haillie phase. But besides the title track, it’s the only song that will stick around from this musical half-assed effort; the rest attempt to rely solely on his wit, and its ability to beautify what is essentially whining. And, what appears to be an album full of odd, boring beats. (We The People)