Street Team Graffiti Lands Welsh Metal Band in Trouble

Street Team Graffiti Lands Welsh Metal Band in Trouble
We've seen a number of band-sanctioned street teams as of late, from Deerhunter's handmade flyers to Belle & Sebastian's chalk art. Unfortunately, the fans working to promote Welsh metal band Blind Ambition got a little too carried away, as the band have reportedly received complaints from a local council.

The focus of the complaint is two bus shelters that got spray painted with the band's name. The rockers first recruited their fans via their Facebook page, telling them, "Promote BA in any way you can." All was going well until they received an email from Caerphilly Council, asking them to help remove the graffiti.

"We're grateful to Caerphilly Council for how they've handled this situation," singer Martin Care told the BBC. "Some fans have been going door to door with flyers and others have been wearing jackets with 'Blind Ambition' on the back of them. We didn't think, though, that they'd spray paint bus stops - it's the last thing we expected. We don't condone vandalism."

Blind Ambition have posted a message. on their Facebook informing supporters, "please leave the bus stops alone."

Even before this story reached the media, the plan was already working out for Blind Ambition. "Last Friday we played at Le Pub in Newport and the place was packed," Care said. "Our main objective is to get the band recognised and, with the fans' help, we've done that."

We're guessing all the extra publicity over the defaced bus stops will help keep this momentum going for Blind Ambition.