Stream Ace of Wands' New Album 'Lioness'

Stream Ace of Wands' New Album 'Lioness'
Ace of Wands release their new album Lioness later this week, but Exclaim! is giving you the opportunity to stream the LP in its entirety right now.
The band bring together songwriter Lee Rose with Jody Brumell and Beams' Anna Mernieks. The resulting sound is an enchanting blend of rock music, classical violin and folk tradition, showcasing vocals, synth-bass, guitar and strings.
As the group's tarot card-inspired name implies, the music displays will and determination — both in terms of creation and destruction, and ringing about transformation.
"The songs on Lioness channel the mixed emotions of self-discovery: the wounds of losing yourself in sadness, the darkness of overwhelm, the fear of change and a will to do it anyway," the group tell Exclaim! "Love, lust, anger, denial and compassion for the self, weave through each song. I use the music as a vessel for my own healing, and I feel the power in the shared connection we can make with those who listen."
Hear Lioness from start to finish below. It's officially out on February 22.