The Strange Boys Get Set To Release Their Debut

The Strange Boys Get Set To Release Their Debut
Being a taste-making record label must get frustrating when all your artists end up signing larger record deals. Such is the case with In The Red, the garage punk imprint that released early material from the Black Lips, Jay Reatard and the King Khan & BBQ Show, all of whom have found more lucrative deals elsewhere.

Fortunately for the listener, that means that In The Red is constantly on the lookout for new talent. Their current roster is as strong as ever, boasting the Vivian Girls, Cheap Time, an upcoming full-length from Blank Dogs and now Austin, TX foursome the Strange Boys. The band, which have existed in some form or another since 2003, will release their debut album on March 24.

The album is described in a press release as "a 16 track beast that is easy to imagine being blasted out of any stereo system between The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators and Wire's Pink Flag." In other words, it will sound very, very good.

The Strange Boys...And Girls Club tracklisting:

1. "Woe Is You And Me"

2. "They're Building The Death Camps"

3. "Should Have Shot Paul"

4. "Mlks"

5. "This Girl Taught Me A Dance"

6. "For Lack of a Better Face"

7. "Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up"

8. "No Way For a Slave To Behave"

9. "Poem Party"

10. "To Turn a Tune or Two"

11. "Most Things"

12. "A Man You've Never Known"

13. "Then"

14. "Who Needs Who More"

15. "Probation Blues"

16. "Death and All The Rest"