Strange Boys "Woe Is You and Me"

Strange Boys "Woe Is You and Me"
As a news story of ours pointed out yesterday, In the Red Records has a remarkable knack for discovering the greatest modern garage bands alive. It also has the recurring problem of developing a band and then losing them to a more fashionable or wealthier label, with the exception of the steadfast Dirtbombs, who should have sold millions of records by now. Should have...

Well, it appears the A&R department at In the Red is at it again with the Strange Boys, a young (shocker) garage band featuring the Sambol brothers (Ryan and Philip) from Austin, TX, who seem to be familiar with their new label's back catalogue. Like a melting pot of the finest acts to grace the roster, the Strange Boys evoke the heated blues of Andre Williams, the R&B rawness of the Dirtbombs and the sharp notes and unhinged, debaucherous behaviour of the Black Lips.

Their forthcoming debut album is currently being produced by Jay Reatard, go figure, but to properly introduce the Boys, ITR has made them fire off a couple of introductory singles to help "prime the pump," as the label says.

First single "Woe Is You and Me" finds the band in a hazy, lycanthropic state, howlin' like hungry, whining wolves while they scratch and claw at their chiming, often mistuned guitars. The production is almost non-existent, as if they just pressed record on the shittiest Fisher Price recorder they could find at a yard sale — and doesn't it sound glorious for it! And those bittersweet lyrics, aww, it sounds almost as if it's a serenade. Too bad I can't understand Ryan's yelp.

They had better be prepared for Black Lips comparisons, however these young'ins seem more than capable of building their own legacy. I just hope they don't pee in each other's mouthes, because contrary to popular belief, that isn't actually that cool. Well, for the mouth, at least.

The Strange Boys "Woe Is You and Me"