Story of the Year In the Wake of Determination

Story of the Year obviously went into the studio with a set goal in mind to make an epic album that gets the kids singing along, stomping their feet and screaming their names. As much as they may have accomplished this with their crunching guitars and anthemic choruses, it still sounds so bloody similar to Thrice (even nailing that deep hardcore growl) that the sounds seem almost lost on anyone who has heard Thrice’s music before. But guaranteed, if you liked the sound of SOTY’s previous album, you will definitely be into their latest release — even though the lyrical content and originality are lacking slightly in comparison to the previously aforementioned band. Fans of their music don’t be disheartened — your boys have delivered a sound you can get behind, and you will be rocking out to a energy-filled album that will fuel you through the winter months. (Maverick)