The Stone Roses Release New Collection

The Stone Roses Release New <i>Collection</i>
Madchester pioneers the Stone Roses only released two official albums, but continued demand for new music has meant that the band's limited discography has repeatedly been revisited on compilations and expanded editions. Now, fans have a new disc to sink their teeth into: Collection.

As Slicing Up Eyeballs notes, this latest compilation has a slightly puzzling tracklist. None of the material is new, but it's not a best-of either, since hits like "I Wanna Be Adored" and "She Bangs the Drums" aren't included. Instead, it has several album-only cuts, as well a smattering of singles, alternate edits and an demo from last year's expanded reissue of The Stone Roses. There's nothing from the sophomore LP Second Coming.

See the tracklist below. The compilation is out today (August 30) in the UK via Sony, and you can order it right here.


1. "Fools Gold" (Full Length)

2. "Waterfall"

3. "This Is The One"

4. "Elephant Stone" (Edit)

5. "Guernica"

6. "(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister"

7. "Shoot You Down"

8. "What The World Is Waiting For"

9. "One Love" (Edit)

10. "Something's Burning" (Edit)

11. "Don't Stop"

12. "Mersey Paradise" (Demo)

13. "Going Down"

14. "Standing Here"

15. "Simone"

16. "Fools Gold" (A Guy Called Gerald Top Won Mix)