Stitch Stitch

Stitch is an underground version of Roots-era Sepultura. One of these guys even looks like a young Max! The kooky hair tips one off that this is gonna be nu-metal, and it kind of is, but still retains a slight underground sincerity about it. Alas, that's not saying it's unique or good. The tribal percussion and talk of the old world from a bunch of young Californians isn't quite as neat as it was when the Seps first did it. Is that a Brazilian accent I hear? What the hell is going on here? Still, it's better than either Sepultura or Soulfly at this point in the game, and part of me thinks that these guys have their hearts in the right places. At some points, such as the almost-Sabbath section of "Oldworld Underground," I start to get excited, but then it just gets all wacky and phwacky, and I have no choice but to hand in my walking papers and tune out. (Prosthetic)