Still Remains Of Love and Lunacy

For every respectable group Roadrunner signs in a desperate attempt to regain the credibility they displayed in the early ’90s, another bollocks Killswitch Engage rip-off pulls the rug out from under them. Still Remains have essentially taken the Killswitch formula, added an increased ’80s synth presence, and made the overall performance and musicianship infinitely sloppier and less interesting. One uninspired In Flames homage after the other displays itself, occasionally punctuated by some of the wimpiest, least pummelling breakdowns since Eighteen Visions. The clean vocals have a bit more of a nü-metal feel than Killswitch — Howard Jones’ technical ability is what keeps the frequent melodies from annoying a discriminating listener, and these are unfortunately not to par. In fact, it is frankly a miracle this group were even signed at all. Then again, it has become painfully clear over the years what happens to the uninspired, one-off trend bands that have graced this label’s roster — they are dropped faster than a Headbanger’s Ball. (Roadrunner)