Still Life Still "Burial Suit"

Still Life Still 'Burial Suit'
It's been four years since Still Life Still delivered their Arts & Crafts debut Girls Come Too, but the band are apparently almost ready to hit back with a follow-up. The first tidbit of new material to arrive is the spacious new tune "Burial Suit."

While the band have apparently been writing over the course of a year, they admit in a press release to having scrapped a good chunk of songs. "Burial Suit" was apparently the first track to steer them in the right direction. The song packages thick walls of shoegazing guitars and a steady backbeat around serene, love-drunk vocal harmonies.

"It's about breaking rituals and routines; how love can take you to strange, sometimes messed up places," the band's Brendan Saarinen told Rolling Stone. "When we finished recording it, there was a weird vibe in the air, like we had started fresh but knew we'd always been there."

You can stream "Burial Suit" down below. Still Life Still will unfurl more info about the upcoming LP and touring plans later in the year.