Stick Men Insatiable

During the creative post-punk explosion of the early '80s, some of the most inspired music was coming from the collision between funk groove and irreverent punk rock. While survivors like the Red Hot Chili Peppers have long since discarded their punk-funk roots, most of the other great bands of the genre had shorter life spans. The Stick Men, from Philadelphia, were one of these great bands that dazzled crowds between '81 and '83. Like American outfits Big Boys and James Chance or UK purveyors Rip, Rig & Panic, and Gang of Four, the Stick Men infused frantic jazz and edgy punk into their hyper-aggressive grooves. The band was fronted by spastic vocalist Peter Baker and wailing Acetone keyboardist B.A.L. Stack. To commemorate Peter Baker's death in 1994, the other band members put together this compilation of the group's entire recorded output, including their two full-length albums, extra tracks and a live performance video. Although the sound was definitely of its time, the energy and attitude will still get you jumping out of your skin. (Cuneiform)