Steve Hauschildt Dissolvi

Steve Hauschildt Dissolvi
Although Steve Hauschildt's describes Dissolvi as a "sublimation from an ontological perspective," it's simpler to cut the mumbo jumbo and relate his seventh LP directly to its title. Dissolvi, as a piece of work, comes off as so fragile and crystalline that it feels as if it may dissolve at any moment.
For the first time since the dissolution of his former band Emeralds, in 2013, Hauschildt has collaborated with other musicians, bringing yet another dimension to his synth-born craft. On this eight-track/42-minute opus, Hauschildt employs his regular sound layer style of recording, as opener "M Path" utilizes cascading rhythms and a slighter out-of-time crunchy beat.
In fact, much of the LP, from the pulsating "Phantox" to the echoed "Alienself" and the polyrhythmic "Aroid," contains synth sounds that come off eccentrically brittle and inflexible, no matter the BPM employed.
What makes Hauschildt's latest his strongest and most digestible stands within the way he utilizes the human voice, as "Saccade" (feat. Julianna Barwick) and "Scope" (feat. GABI) add an element to his music that captures late '90s worldbeat electronic like Delirium and Deep Forrest. With Dissolvi, Steve Hauschildt rediscovers his adventurous self while taking delight in the human element. (Ghostly International)