The Steve Adamyk Band Announce 'Forever Won't Wait' LP

The Steve Adamyk Band Announce 'Forever Won't Wait' LP
We're just going to go ahead and say it -- the Steve Adamyk Band is the hardest working power-pop punk group in Ottawa. Despite their misleading moniker, the decidedly punk four-piece have been busy crafting some of the catchiest singles recently coming out of Canada. Last year, they followed up a series of singles with their self-titled debut album, and now they will keep the fun going with the release of their second long-player.

The album is called Forever Won't Wait and marks the first Steve Adamyk Band release to hit via venerable Portland label Dirtnap Records. The album features ten original songs, as well as a cover of the Dickies' "X-Eyed Tammy."

Dirtnap will issue Forever Won't Wait on November 29. The tracklisting is available below, with the album art above. The release will be followed by more touring in the new year and, if a press release is to be believed, even more new records.

Forever Won't Wait:

1. "Take It Back"
2. "Landslide"

3. "I Run Wild"

4. "Gonna Die"

5. "Forever Won't Wait"

6. "Election Day"

7. "Only Wanted You to Know"
8. "Ontario"

9. "Bored of Love"

10. "Never Wake Up"

11. "X-Eyed Tammy" (the Dickies)