Steve Adamyk Band

The Diefenbunker, Ottawa ON, February 4

Steve Adamyk BandThe Diefenbunker, Ottawa ON, February 4
Photo: Calum Slingerland
On top of touring in places such as California and Japan, the Steve Adamyk Band have the interesting honour of checking "Play a show in the Bank of Canada Vault" off their band bucket list. At the volume they played said show at, you have to wonder if anyone could hear the reckless rockers from 90 feet below the earth's surface in the bowels of the Diefenbunker. With the vault lights turned down quite low, Adamyk and company launched into a short, sweet set of power-packed tunes that sat nicely between the realms of punk and pop.

Large gang vocal sections between all three bandmates felt even larger alongside chunky power chords and a breakneck rhythm section, with all the sound reverberating off of the concrete walls. Chaotic in execution, the trio's set was a smashing send-off back into the snowy outdoors. 
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