Stephen Malkmus Unveils Plans for New Jicks LP 'Wig Out at Jagbags'

Stephen Malkmus Unveils Plans for New Jicks LP 'Wig Out at Jagbags'
Though Stephen Malkmus dropped the covers LP Can's Ege Bamyasi Played by Stephen Malkmus and Friends earlier this year as part of Record Store Day, he and his Jicks will properly follow up 2011's Mirror Traffic with a new album of originals dubbed Wig Out at Jagbags.

Though a specific due date has yet to be revealed, an interview with Pitchfork points to the LP arriving early next year through Matador.

The album was recorded in "a Dutch farmhouse near Amsterdam," and had Malkmus self-producing the set with assistance from Remko Schouten. Drumming for the Jicks this time around is Joggers skinsman Jake Morris, who took over for Janet Weiss (Wild Flag/Quasi). Also sitting in on the sessions is Travis's Fran Healy, who is also Malkmus's neighbour in Berlin, and a trio of "German dads" that added horns to the LP.

While Jicks records have wandered into jammy territory, Wig Out at Jagbags is apparently a more concise set of songs.

Malkmus explained: "Well, this album's going to be pared down to 40 minutes, and I could see even that length being a chore to listen to for this type of music. If you're going to make jammy music, it has to be background-y to an extreme degree, as if it's not trying to grab your attention. If I wanted to make something jammy now, I'd have to be totally zoned out into a haze, but for this album I made melodies that just get in your head a little more annoyingly, or pleasingly. It's not coffee-shop music, though. I hate that."

Details such as song titles, artwork and the official due date for the LP have yet to arrive.