Stephan Grondin / Various P1 Parking Compilation Vol. 1

As compilations go, this has some very nice parts. The first song, "Toca’s Miracle” by Fragma, is a gorgeous trance rendition reminding of the beauty in the genre. Stephan’s musical style carries a vibe akin to some of the clubs in Europe, but with that sensational flair felt only in Montreal. Some nice tracks here include "The Cure and The Cause” by Fish Go Deep, which features Tracey K. The dark sounds coming from David Penn’s remix of "Believe in Me (Self Religion)” by Hardsoul and Fierce Ruling Diva are settling and thoughtfully mixed with follow-up track "Believe in We” by Ceevox. This mix maintains a grinding club wavelength throughout, with lively branches of vocal house and trance. Clubs churn out some heady tunes at times, and this LP progressively breaks beyond the brainless bullshit of the club genre, aiming to turn us in a positive direction. (In Music We Trust)