Stellar Radio Choir ATTACK! of the Laser Tiger

British Columbia's Stellar Radio Choir are a group trying to dial things back in the show-off department. On their debut EP, ATTACK! of the Laser Tiger, they've created some straightforward rock'n'roll ― no bells and whistles. The tracks drip with swagger and a cool attitude; it is genuine party music. Yet all of the confidence in the world wouldn't mean a thing if the tracks on this EP weren't any good. And they are good. "Sneaky Little Devil" starts with a smooth, bass-led verse that crumbles into a group-sung chorus that would be suitable for any pub. But it's actually the EP's showiest track, "Your Turn To Fall," that stands out, painting a clear picture of the group's talent. With its tremolo-laced guitar, dance punk bass line and snarky lyrics, Stellar Radio Choir are at their best when they do in fact show off. ATTACK! suffers when things slow down ("An Unfortunate Incident"), but these low points aren't common or serious enough to detract from the rest of the EP. (Ghostwood)