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Nite-Glo EP

Stellar OM SourceNite-Glo EP
Having emerged as a synth aficionado alongside the likes of James Ferraro and Daniel Lopatin, yet physically an ocean away from those American upstarts, Christelle Gualdi moved from low fidelity tinkering into the production of complex and danceable electronic music. In an effort to separate herself from a background as a musical academic, the French producer leapt into the primitive new age synthesizer scene of the mid-aughts before acquiring a TR-303 bass unit and homing in on a clubbier vibe with her fabulous Joy One Mile release, which arrived in 2013. 
The Nite-Glo EP tames Gualdi's sound a little bit, yet feels like an evolution rather than a step back in time. The bass grooves are that much more slippery and almost sink in between the beats; the tracks are tighter, assembled with knife-like precision. This EP is not so much a sequel to Joy One Mile but a signpost pointing to the next full-length offering that Gualdi has up her sleeve. (RVNG Intl.)
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