Stella Ella Ola

I Think We Should Hang Out All the Time

Stella Ella OlaI Think We Should Hang Out All the Time
It's no accident that Stella Ella Ola are releasing their debut album at the height of summer. I Think We Should Hang Out All the Time exudes warm sunniness from every groove, with ten boppy, distortion-laced pop-rock tunes that reflect the youthful exuberance of the playground chant that the band are named after. The four-piece includes Hollerado siblings Nick and Jake Boyd, and while Stella Ella Ola's songs aren't as sophisticated or intricately wrought as those of their primary project, they're similarly infectious.

For these classic-sounding pop cuts, the members trade off the mic on melodies that are sticky with honey-dipped Go-Go's-style sweetness: opener "Summerette" sports twang-y surf licks, the country bounce of "Proud Mother Stomp" is tailor-made for goofy do-si-do dance moves and "Try Try Die" features a luminescent George Harrison-style riff (think "And Your Bird Can Sing"). When you hit the beach over the summer, consider this album as essential as sunscreen and ice cream cones. (Royal Mountain Records)
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