Steffen Basho Junghans Rivers And Bridges

Although there might be only one guitar, two hands and ten fingers, the acoustic steel-stringed guitar work of Germany's Steffen Basho-Junghans defies the laws of physics and is nothing short of being multi-timbre, extraordinary and otherworldly, as if he is a conductor and musician for 20 guitars, doing a concept album on every possible style of music out there, and, at once. Ranging from Spanish, southern American folk, oriental, country, jazz and then some, Basho-Junghans interprets all styles (and four times over during each season), and their variations, as well as covering multiple amounts of emotions through either six or 12 strings. What is absolutely amazing about his playing is that everything gets covered within each song, and in no way sounds edited together from different takes. And despite being 55 minutes in length, the album, since it coherently goes from the beginning of time to the future with styles, feels like a good solid three hours; hence, it disrupts time and prolongs enjoyment. (Strange Attractors)