Steamboat Steamboat

Though they conjure the soul rock experimentation of the late '60s, Toronto, ON's Steamboat are somehow a huge breath of fresh air, producing some astounding original material that sounds like genuine artefacts from a bygone era. Producer/songwriter Matt McLaren has touched upon something eerily magical, drafting songs on his downtime from the Old Soul. Gathering fellow members and other friends, he's hit upon an alluring sound that lies somewhere between the Band, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and Van Morrison. It'd all be a retro gimmick if songs like "How Long" and "Please Let Me Walk" weren't so goddamned great. After a stellar cover of the Parliaments' "I Can Feel the Ice Melting," the record is ushered home by a spirited instrumental, showcasing the prowess of this remarkable group. Inventive rhythms, rich organ textures and guitar tones inject Steamboat with a timeless quality that's instantly appealing. (Independent)