Stay in with 'Source Code,' 'Last Night,' 'Trigger' and More in our DVD Roundup

Stay in with 'Source Code,' 'Last Night,' 'Trigger' and More in our DVD Roundup
The summer is progressing nicely, so it's still a great time for catching up on this past week's DVD reviews. You can check out all the latest reviews at the Recently Reviewed section of the

First up, we have a review of the action/drama film Source Code on Blu-ray. The film follows protagonist Colter (Jake Gyllenhaal) in his attempt to find the truth behind waking up in another man's body.

There are also fresh reviews of three new dramas hitting DVD and Blu-ray. Trust, which is directed by David Schwimmer (of Friends fame), tells the story of a family torn by the traumatic rape of their 14-year-old daughter. Last Night contains much of the same emotional strain, as we get a look into the thick of two forms of relationship infidelity, physical and emotional. There is also a review of Life During Wartime, which is a loose sequel to the controversial 1998 film Happiness.

Next, a new review of the Canadian comedy/drama Trigger is up. The film features the drama of former rock stars reigniting their friendship in order for a reunion. Check out the review to see if it's worth your time. Also out now is the third season of United States of Tara, which exposes the lives of a suburban family dealing with DID (dissociative identity disorder).

And finally, we have two reviews of music DVDs. The first is Death From Downunder, which covers a live concert in Sydney, Australia by the Florida-based metalheads Malevolent Creation. And there is a review of a DVD featuring some of Miles Davis's legendary performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Live at Montreux, Highlights 1973-1991 features clips from performances throughout the years.

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