Stay in from the Cold with The Sarah Silverman Program, Black Dynamite, We Live in Public and More in This Week's DVD Review Round-Up

Stay in from the Cold with <i>The Sarah Silverman Program</i>, <i>Black Dynamite</i>, <i>We Live in Public</i> and More in This Week's DVD Review Round-Up
Well, movie lovers, it's been a week of commitment-fear romcoms, existential quests and straight-to-video soldiers in DVD releases this week, and Exclaim! has got the scoop on what to rent. Head to our Recently Reviewed section to see what's in store.

I Hate Valentine's Day stars Nia Vardalos as a commitment-o-phobe who ritually breaks things off after the fifth date. If you're looking for something that stays cynical, however, try The Sarah Silverman Program: Season 2, Volume 2, also out on DVD.

Francis Ford Coppola's mafia classic The Godfather has just been released on Blu-ray, while The Stepfather remakes an '80s thriller about a psychopath who tries to construct the perfect family.

Black Dynamite is our Exclaim!-recommended pick of the week, and Universal Soldier: Regeneration stars Jean-Claude Van Damme in a lowbrow (but not too lowbrow) action flick, as the reactivated cyborg soldier who must save the world from nuclear catastrophe.

We Live in Public, directed by Ondi Timoner of DIG! fame, takes a look at the loss of privacy in the age of the Internet in this documentary on Internet pioneer Josh Harris. Daytime Drinking, the quarter-life crisis quest turned comedy of errors by South Korean director Young-Seok Noh, is also out on DVD.

Give 'Em Hell Malone and Lincoln Heights: The Complete First Season are also out for your viewing pleasure.

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