A Static Lullaby ...And Don't Forget To Breathe

California's A Static Lullaby have hit the ground running on their debut full-length ...And Don't Forget To Breathe. Seamlessly blending elements of catchy indie rock, scathing metalcore and even radio-friendly melodic nu metal, this five-piece will undoubtedly make a lot of heads turn. "Our sound comes straight from our hearts," says guitarist/vocalist Dan Arnold. "Our sound was never premeditated; it is just the result of putting us in a room together while pouring out as much emotion as possible." If anything, the band's near-schizophrenic genre jumping can get to be a bit much, but for the most part it works wonderfully, and even if it didn't, this isn't something that concerns the band. "We make music for ourselves; if people don't like it, oh well. There was a time when no one had heard of us and we all still loved the music we make. We don't care if our sound limits us, we like it." The five-piece's talent in forging memorable songs is uncanny, especially when they are toying around with the clean vocals and toe-tapping melodic rock, and while the heavier parts lose a bit of the intensity, due mainly to the metalcore screaming, the band remains shockingly talented at all ends of the musical spectrum. It's an album that truly could appeal to both an indie rock crowd and a moshing metal audience. "I'd like to think we can play whatever show and fit in. Our songs contain a lot of variety, so we feel comfortable playing any show." (Ferret)