Stars' Torq Campbell Calls Ben Folds An "Asshole"?

Stars' Torq Campbell Calls Ben Folds An 'Asshole'?
Well, it's sure been a strange 24 hours over in indie beefland. First, word came through the ol' interweb that Stars' front-man Torquil Campbell was ready to rip alt-pop piano man Ben Folds a new one, and then just as the rumour mill got up and humming, Campbell hit us with a denial.

To break it down, the temper-tantrum-loaded incident started Tuesday (February 17), when Folds appeared on CBC Radio and referred to The Happiness Project, a recently released concept album by Broken Social Scenester Charles Spearin, as "bad spa music." Soon after the show, a message then supposedly signed by Campbell appeared on Stars' MySpace blog and needless to say, it wasn't pretty.

Here's a sic-loaded excerpt:

BEN FOLDS! insulting CHARLES SPEARIN! is he fuckin' nuts? you come to our country and insult a national treasure on the radio? CHARLIE SPEARIN????? the most beautiful talented soulful brother in the whole world? a guy who has written some of the most influential, sublime music this side of heaven? WHo has just completed the Happiness Project, one of the most original and uplifting pieces of music i have EVER HEARD? Ben Folds, ladies and gentleman, is an ASSHOLE for dismissing this extraordinary tribute to life and love as 'bad spa music'. It makes me wanna......well you know.....kick his scrawny, washed up hipster doofus ass...

But then barely an hour or so later, another message surfaced on Stars' blog, this time supposedly from the real Campbell. In it, the singer explains his MySpace had been hacked and supposedly he had nothing to do with the above anti-Folds rant, writing:

we don't know who put up their rant against ben folds here....could have been anyone i guess...but we don't know what the fuck all this is about. We do love charlie spearin....don't really know ben folds work.....anyway, i find it exciting that i dont even have to know what's going on to be controversial... i am now going to change the password on our myspace....i have to say, whoever you are, you've really got my style down!
wow, torq

So, if you want to take Campbell's word on this one, it appears someone out there loves Charles Spearin so much that he/she is willing to hack a MySpace to defend the guy's name, or someone just really hates Ben Fold.