Stars The Comeback EP

Montreal's Stars are one of pop's better-kept secrets, at least within Canada, as they have managed to garner some acclaim elsewhere and their joyous electro-pop won them a loyal following throughout the whole pop-loving world. The Comeback EP isn't your typical EP, though, as the opening track is merely a taster for the joys that lie ahead, rather than the killer song, because the real gems ("Violent" and "The Comeback") are hidden away within. Even the token instrumental ("Cótes des Neiges") couldn't be described as a throwaway. The band is definitely developing with every subsequent release, as their songwriting is more focussed and there's not a single moment in the EP's duration where things drag (something that unfortunately couldn't be said of their full-length, Nightsongs), making 20 minutes fly by at an ungodly rate. It's their strongest release to date, and it very much looks like Stars could be a force to be reckoned with by the time their second proper album appears early next year. (Le Grand Magistery)