Starbucks Responds to Carly Simon's Lawsuit, Claims Company Did All It Could to Sell Her Album

Starbucks Responds to Carly Simon's Lawsuit, Claims Company Did All It Could to Sell Her Album
Starbucks vs. Carly Simon isn't exactly the grudge match of the year, but things are heating up between the jilted chanteuse, upset that her latest album didn't sell like hotcakes, and the corporate coffee giant.

As we told you earlier this week, Simon is taking legal action against Starbucks for what she claims was a botched marketing campaign for the in-coffee-shop sales of her most recent album, This Kind of Love.

Well, Starbucks vice-president of brand content Chris Bruzzo isn't feeling any kind of love, saying the company has gone out of its way to cater to Simon's many requests, according to Rolling Stone.

"We offered Carly Simon CDs in every store that we offered Paul McCartney CDs," Bruzzo told the magazine. "We put This Kind of Love into every store that sells music, which is almost every one of our stores. We're talking about more than 7,000 stores had a supply of Carly Simon CD at launch."

Bruzzo also claims that Starbucks kept Simon's CDs in their outlets longer than the standard four weeks. In fact, extra copies of This Kind of Love collected dust for a full six weeks, with another six weeks added in markets where Simon claimed she had a larger audience.

To date, Simon's album has sold just over 120,000 copies worldwide and almost half of those were sold at Starbucks. Non-exclusives like her album, which was available in other stores besides Starbucks, tend to do around 25 percent of their total sales at the coffee chain outlets.

"We're very disappointed that Carly has decided to file this suit because we worked very hard and put a lot of time, and energy, and effort from the music team and thousands of stores behind giving this album its best shot in finding its audience," said Bruzzo. "In fact, we went to kind of extraordinary lengths to work with Carly and her management to make this album do as well as we had hoped it would do."

Despite all of this, the two parties appear to be on their way to the courts where the grudge match is sure to continue for quite some time.