Star Ghost Dog The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors is this Massachusetts band's second full-length album and they are hoping to find an audience outside their native state. They don't follow the route that Garbage took, fully embracing the synth-driven world of electronica. Instead, they decide to stick with their guitars, adding in some swirling keyboard noises just to make sure that the listener is aware that this is indeed the 21st century. The result is something along the same lines of Veruca Salt with synthesisers. One problem is that they play most of their trump cards in the first half of the album - the opening "Underdrive" and the equally upbeat "Erase Me" are the most infectious of the 12 tunes and things do drag a little after. While Star Ghost Dog might not get much beyond local heroes, The Great Indoors is a fun kind of album that has character and decent songs. (Catapult)