Stalley Explores 'Lincoln Way Nights' on Maybach Music Group Debut

Stalley Explores 'Lincoln Way Nights' on Maybach Music Group Debut
Ohio-based rapper Stalley has enjoyed a great deal of success over the last three years thanks to a handful of top-notch mixtapes. The lyricist recently signed with Rick Ross's budding Maybach Music Group, but before Stalley drops his thugged-out debut, he will say farewell to his independence with an official release of his Lincoln Way Nights mixtape.

The release, which is subtitled Intelligent Trunk Music, originally dropped as an online-only affair earlier this year. That version can be streamed below. Now, it will get a proper release courtesy of SMC/Fontana on November 1.

Compared to the online version, the official full-length release boasts a different tracklisting, including a remix of the title track featuring the bawse himself Rick Ross.

Lincoln Way Nights:

1. "The Tune Up"
2. "See the Milq From My Chevy"
3. "Slapp" (ft. Rashad)
4. "330"
5. "Chimes of Freedumb" (ft. Rashad)
6. "The Night" (ft. Rashad)
7. "Pound"
8. "Sound of Silence"
9. "She Hates the Bass"
10. "Hard"
11. "Chevys and Space Ships"
12. "Go On"
13. "Milq n Honey"
14. "Tell Montez I Love HerĀ "
15. "Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)"
16. "Lincoln Way Nights (Shop)"
17. "Summer in America" (ft. Rashad)
18. "Lincoln Way Nights" (Shop-Remix) (ft. Rick Ross