Stairs On Sleep Lab

The Stairs desperately want to be remembered. They’ve tried a few stunts during their career in an attempt for immortality such as covering the Silver Jews’ The Natural Bridge album in its entirety and even threatening to make an album called The Deck, which would have 52 songs, mimicking a deck of cards, but all to no avail. So now they are breaking up. On Sleep Lab, the band’s second proper album, will also be their last (although they haven’t ruled out the chance of reuniting at some point) and it is an epic record in every way except for the one they want. Sure it has 15 songs and lasts about an hour, but there’s only really enough really good material for either a long EP or a short album and that’s about it. The Stairs are not short on ideas and there are plenty of moments that definitely fall into the interesting category, but they are so focussed on being interesting that too many songs just don’t work at all. It is almost a shame they’ve decided to call it a day because with a little more time and some much-needed quality control, they could have made something that would stand the test of time.